Aceite de pescado


Productos Pesqueros de Guaymas


Productos Pesqueros de Guaymas was founded in 1975, as a state owned company that was part of Productos Pesqueros Mexicanos Group, decentralized from the State and acquired by the private sector in March, 1990.



Elaboration of:

  • Canned Sardine
  • Canned Calamari
  • Fishmeal.
  • Fish Oil


It is worth mentioning that its productive processes are backed by its support processes such as wasted water treatment, sea water desalination, which assure the fulfillment of the commitment Guaymex Group has regarding the environment.


It has a canning production plant, with an annual capacity to produce:

  • 36 million sardine cans “oval” of 425g.
  • 15 million sardine cans “club” of 120g.
  • 2.4 million sardine cans “jitney” of 170g.


It also has a plant dedicated to the production of fishmeal and fish oil with an annual production capacity of:

  • 17,000 tons of fishmeal and
  • 5,000 tons of fish oil.


It has an administrative staff highly qualified with the characteristics of the Guaymex People


Location and/or Operation Area
It is located in the city and port of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.